Clarinet lessons

As I get to know each student, I gauge how much he or she wants to be challenged and teach them accordingly. I set reasonable achievable goals, providing confidence and a sense of value. 

Teaching philosophy:

Justine provides a framework of coaching that encourages students to build their Independence and critical thinking skills by encouraging  students to analyze their own learning process.  

Justine's students perform with the El Camino, California and San Jose Youth Symphonies, in Honor Bands, on solo recitals, and at West Valley College.


When students master the fundamentals of clarinet playing, they can enjoy it for a lifetime

Parent Testimonials

Under [Justine’s] instruction, [my daughter] became more aware of the importance of finer details of playing the clarinet not only regarding technique but also the way she played music in general. Justine encouraged my daughter to regularly practice and always had a positive attitude towards improvement no matter how big or small. To [my daughter’s] surprise, she actually was accepted into the ensemble of her choice after listening to Justine’s suggestion.
— A.E.
My son was not keeping up with his clarinet practice at school. My wife and I know nothing about clarinet. A school-wide concert was coming up soon in a few weeks. Fortunately we found Justine. With each lesson with Justine, my son showed noticeable progress and within just a few weeks, he was able to catch up so much that he performed okay in the concert. I highly recommend Justine as a clarinet tutor for your child. My son enjoys the lessons with her. As a parent, I am very glad to have Justine teach my son.
— C.W.

Location: 2362 Azevedo Pkwy, San Jose CA


Phone: (213) 537-4138

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